I saw my naked body this morning

I saw my naked body this morning.

I liked it.

For the first time since I was 13yrs old, I liked what and who I saw in the mirror — with all her imperfections. She was f’ing gorgeous. A complete work of art.

Me on my 46th birthday…

I saw my naked body this morning. It is now almost as big as it was when I gave birth. My skin seems to be this glorious, dark shade of black. My breasts, supple, round, big, exceedingly floppy, sinking, thick, dense — but they looked like works of divine art. They looked as though they should be painted by Van Gogh or Picasso. I marveled at them as though it was my first time seeing them. And I was best pleased.

My stomach is now plump, round, obtuse, a bid stodgy, jiggly in some places and ever present. My myomectomy and C-section ensured that I would never have a flat or strengthen core again. BUT THIS IS MY DAMN STOMACH. MINE. It deserves to be loved as much as any other part of my body. So I rubbed it and then I smiled. Lovingly. It has its own back story and I chose today to acknowledge its beauty.

My C-section scar sits quietly under my big stomach. It is also my myomectomy scar. I was cut open to remove the large fibroids that ravaged my uterus in my youth. Then, I was cut open again to deliver my miracle baby. My scar is wonky. It is a very large keloid scar on my body. — Yet, it serves as my badge of honor for bringing a beautiful child into the world. It is a part of me. It is a part of who I am. And today, I touched it with empathy. It was a quiet, yet bold act of self-love that was long overdue.

Our bodies…

Our bodies…

They’re our bodies…

Our bodies are vessels that house our soul during our short life spans. We should love them no matter where we are in our evolution. No matter where we are in this process, this relentless SAT exam called life… love your body. It is unique to you. Don’t compare it to anyone else.

We get one life. One body. Loving one self, both inside and out is the key to harvesting your happiness and joy – perpetually. Let’s do more of that and love who we are earnestly in the process.

Hoooray for naked bodies! And good lighting in the bathroom! LOL!