Be a person of your word or beat it…

Be in the game... whole! Not half. (Image of men playing football and some football players being tackled.)
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If you “talk the talk”, then “walk the walk”. There is nothing worse than people who talk a good game and never actually show up to the field win or lose????

I’m present in the game and on the field everyday. I’ve spent the last 46yrs trying to make sure I am a woman of my word. So if you tell me you are going to do something and I know you have the capacity to do it, then get ‘er done. Hell you might be late doing it, but get it done.

Sometimes we don’t live up to the hype. I have been there. There are countless people disappointed in me because I wasn’t mature enough to tell them I couldn’t show up to be there for them.

Things happen.

Life happens.

… but being a good, kind person who stands accountable never grows old. That’s also being in the game… admitting when you don’t have the capacity to live up to your word.

I move differently when people are inconsistent with me and I expect people to act differently when I’m inconsistent in their life. And I am purposely inconsistent in a lot of people’s life because it’s my quiet way of saying I see your bullshhhh and I want none of it.

However, be advised that I also move around people and get shhhhh done.
My mother always told me that if you gonna play, play with the big boys, go hard – and no you can’t come home until the game is finished.

If you standing on the field with me, be prepared to the do the work or sit your bitch ass down.