I went to the #AfroliciousExpo in Houston… it was nostalgic

Housekeeping: I signed on to be an #AfroliciousExpo influencer. Meaning = I was part of the team that helped promote the event for the Houston Market. My remuneration was my admission to the show and 10 tickets to give away through my Instagram / Facebook contest. However, being an influencer does not in anyway cloud my judgement when I’m writing about my empirical experience at the event. Read on…

Soooooo I was there. I attending the #AfroliciousExpo in Houston on June 2, 2019. I went with my Future CEO and met our bestie crew at the event. It was a day to celebrate all things Black American — Black hair, Black beauty, Black community and Black Business. It was a great day and event to celebrate Blackness. … with a capital “B”.

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I was transported back in time to the old Black hair and beauty expo(s) in Chicago. They were always held at McCormick place and it was a beacon of light in the abyssmal abyss of Chicago racism. These expo(s) gave us a place to celebrate our Black American pride and where Black women were held in high esteem.

That was the feeling / air at Afrolicious it was a good, communal vibe of celebrating and exalting Black American & African American women, girls and beauty.

The expo had several moving parts:

  • Black owned businesses
  • Businesses that were prevalent in the Black American / African American Community
  • The pageant for the small naturalistas
  • Community partners showcasing their talents (zumba demonstration, braiding contest, etc)
  • Live DJ
  • Wonderful banter from the emcee / host
  • Fashion show of African-inspired hair styles

One of the things I found most inspiring about the expo is the sense of community at the event. Even the children in our visiting party found it palatable and enjoyable. If anything the expo gave all of us a greater sense of self and then provided us with products to help us enjoy self-care and beauty maintenance.

The products on offer were quite superb. From the jewelry, soaps, hair products and accessories, everything was quite alluring and striking.

All in all I really enjoyed being there with my daughter and friends. It was a good event to attend to help boost Black American female self-esteem.