Why do you have to dim your light for some people? Cause they are whack… that’s why!

I once had someone I loved very much tell me the following:

“You love too much. You love too hard. You are too much.”

I remember being so devastated that this person who had watched me grow into a beautiful woman was telling me to my f’ing face that I shined too bright and I need to dim my light.

Who the f***? What the f***? Where they do that at? Ans: They do it everywhere and the world demands little Black American girls and amazing Black American women dim their light from the time they hit kindergarten. It’s a way that Western society and the Black community consistently marginalizes us. It’s like as soon as your #BlackGirlMagic starts to blossom, if it doesn’t meet with Western society’s f’ed up racist view of you (meaning they want you dumbed down) or if it doesn’t meet color-struck / antiquated Black folks respectability politics – that light has to be dimmed – by any means necessary.


I know.

I’ve been fighting to be who I am since I was 7. I’m 46 years old now. So the war has been waging for my freedom to enjoy my humanity “AS IS” for the last 38 years.

And my ass is tired because the more things change, the more things stay the same.

And I’m scared. I’m scared for my child. I’m scared because I cannot protect my Black American child from American racism, from American tropes, from institutionalized discrimination and I cannot protect my child from the pervasive marginalization that the world seems so invested in.

I want my child to enjoy their humanity and feel some sort of freedom in their Blackness, in their American-ness – albeit being a Black American is vastly different than being an “American” (read that as American being adjacent or firmly planted in whiteness ).

If you care to enjoy the one life you get, then be radical. NEVER EVER DIM YOUR LIGHT for anyone. People who want you to dim your light ARE NOT WORTHY OF YOU.

Hear me today, tomorrow, next week or at the apocalypse because I’m telling the truth on this….

Do not turn down your light, your shine, your talent, your passions for anyone. That’s an affront to your soul. It is in direct conflict with what’s good for your inner self.

We all deserved to be loved for WHO WE ARE – AS IS. If someone cannot handle who you are, where you are, at this moment when you present yourself and want to love them… then … guess what… F*CK THEM. Walk away and never look back.

God brought you forth and this far not so you can be mediocre and have some insecure idiot feel big by making your light small — God brought you this far so that you can live in your purpose, so you can have big ideas, so you can try and make all your dreams come true, so the light within you can inspire others around you.

To dim the true, authentic light of your soul is damn near extinguishing the God in you.

Don’t do that.

Now that you’ve receive this message and I mean receive this in your f’ing bones, go forth and be the greatest YOU – you can be. Let your light shine. Start that business with that crazy idea and see how far it will go. Write that book. Start that class. Do you.

Because YOU are amazing in some form or fashion.

That’s my word.