#FordTX at the #HoustonRodeo

Housekeeping first. I was invited as a Houston Influencer to the #FordTX event at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo show. I did not receive monetary remuneration, however my entry ticket was kindly provided by Ford’s PR team. I’m super grateful, however my opinion and commentary are my own thoughts. So let’s start the show…

What an absolute treat to hang out with the #FordTX crew at the 2019 Houston Livestock and Rodeo show. All of the new model #Fords look like a million bucks, but are priced for a working class, SuperMom such as myself. I have to say my inner Cowgirl loves the bold, brute and muscle charged personas of the new Super Duty #F250. It’s a mammoth of a truck and unapologetically fabulous!

photocredit: @efabuloushb 2019

The #HouTXFord / #FordTX crew had a really awesome treat for the influencers. We had a mini-masterclass with the talented Kevin McCauley (@CapturingTheMachine — Instagram). We were able to hear from the photog himself about his tips and tricks for getting the perfect shots when shoot cars and other subjects in general. Kudos to the Ford crew for thinking and engaging the local Houston Influencers. If you are looking for intoxicating car photos, do visit https://www.instagram.com/capturingthemachine/ online.

The #FordTX display at the #HoustonRodeo is very cool. Stop by the @NRGPark and visit with the cool crew of @HouTXFord. -- #MommyFab

photocredit: @efabuloushb 2019 / subjects: K McCauley | 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat in Gold

One of my favorite surprises was the Ford Ecosport. Compact car with a LOT of room. I’m 5’9 1/2 and I had no problem jumping into the Ecosport. Both myself and my Heir Apparent agreed if was really roomy. The Tall Superheroes approve. I really loved the dash on the vehicle as well. It had a whole Star Trek vibe and I’m a #Trekkie 200%.

photocredit: @efabuloushb 2019

photocredit: @efabuloushb 2019

All in all I had a great time learning about the new lineup from Ford. I also enjoyed a chilli cheese dog and bits of a red velvet funnel cake. Gotta love the rodeo.

I’m going to refrain from saying “yee haw” …. but deep down, I kinda want to sign off with that. LMAO.

The #F150 is my new boyfriend. It’s Official. (Insert lots of heart emojis here.)