It’s okay to be a tired Mom

Being tired is damn near a rite of passage for Mothers.

…yet there is this obsession that America has with making Mothers feel like they have to have it all together. Everything has to be perfect. The house. Our bodies. The kids. Our life.

Many of us are killing ourselves, killing our spirits and ruining our health. Stress, mental health collapses and heart attacks are taking us out the game.

That’s why we have to start admitting when we are tired.

Tired is not a bad word or sacrilegious when it comes to motherhood or parenting in general. It’s okay. It’s really okay to say that you are tired and you need help.

I have hit the snooze button a total of 6 times since 4:30am. I am very tired. I feel like I have been in a prize fight instead of being asleep. Don’t remember what I was dreaming about or if I dreamed at all. My nerves are wrecked. Today is a huge day and as a single, divorced Mother it all hinges on me to make the cogs push the wheels. Yet, my stomach is in knots, I want to cry and I might have another bout of depression coming on.

… But it’s okay that I am tired. I acknowledge my state of being because I am tired every damn day. That’s the lay of the land. And today, this morning I can smile and say “let’s get our tired ass up and move it on out… slowly.” Lol.

So if you are killing yourself trying to be Doris Day, a Stepford wife or the single working Mother who has to have it all… stop. Reign in that madness, check the true state of your humanity and make a plan to be honest with yourself so you can live long enough to be around for your children.

And that’s one to grow on.