The new year, new me thingy doesn’t work…

Omgawd! You are here again. Happy New Year! New year, new me. Hey do us all a favor, STFU. Please.

Man / Woman you ain’t changing your self-sabotaging ways, so you ain’t about to change your life or yourself. And it’s okay, change doesn’t come overnight. It doesn’t come at the stroke of midnight. It comes when you are tired of repeating the same lessons over and over again. Change comes when the universe shakes you to your core or you get bored with your own mediocrity.

I am NOT being judgemental. I promise you. I’ve been there. My entire 20’s and my early 30’s – I was all about the “new year, new me” self-delusion method of living life. It wasn’t until I became a parent I realized, um… yeah… change is hard, especially when your priorities shift, especially when your health fails you, especially when you lose friendships, especially when you lose your sense of self, especially when your marriage fails, especially when life keeps on moving… change is sooooo hard.

Change has to be intentional and for some of us, it has to be purposeful. There needs to be a soul-tied buy in or a giant reward. So that’s why it’s easy to implement for a couple of weeks and then you fall waaaaay the hell off. Again, I’ve been there. I’m there now. I’m trying to write more, I’m trying to be more creative all while being a SuperMom / Divorced Mom raising a fierce Black American in a country that I’m convinced does not value our humanity. So how do you implement change then?


You implement change real slow, consistently until it becomes a habit and until it is baked into your lifestyle. You get to backslide a couple of times. You get to wonder why the hell you are doing this, but ultimately… decide in the depths of your soul… DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE?

So it’s really none of this new year, new me bullshit. It’s more like “I’m working on a better version of me. I don’t know if this shit will work – so stay tuned.

Stick with that. You are human. You are allowed to change, grow, fail, try again and fine tune your humanity. If anyone else tells you something different, like you need to chase perfection…. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

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