His eyes are dancing

I was at a dinner party in early 2018. As we all sipped wine, I casually looks around the room and started observing people. That’s my thing. I watch people and I notice things other people wouldn’t see.

I saw him look at her. I saw a husband look at his wife and there was so much love in his eyes, I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry because it was so beautiful. I had never seen a man look at a woman that way. Not even on my own wedding day. What I saw was unadulterated #love. I also wanted to cry because no one had ever looked at me that way.


And, well at 45yrs old… It may never happen.

I have had a few iterations of love, but I have always been hurt. It intriguing really but it comes down to choice. I choose wrong. I believe in people. Often time I look a lovers like he looked at her, but they never see the real me.

Oh but when he looks at her, you can see he is proud, he is adoring, he is still attracted to her, he is her partner and he wants to grow old with her.


It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen … And it makes my heart cry out. It’s a beautiful part of humanity that many of us never really experience in our lifetime.