My Auntie is better than yours


I am 45yrs old. I know you guys get so tired of me saying that. I’m really repeating my age so I don’t become one of those cougar women that lies about their damn age over the internet. Bwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I digress.

Let me begin again.

I am 45yrs old. I am a long way from home. (and I’m never going back by the way… don’t ask) I randomly call home to Chicago or DM my cousins in an effort to stay connected.

My favorite elder to call is my Auntie Shirley. Why? Cause we are hilarious and no one makes me cackle like my Auntie.

Today, I confirmed that at birth my Mother (RIP) did NOT have a middle name. However in high school, she decided she wanted a middle name like everyone else and her middle name became “Jeanette”. Shout out to the original #FabGirl for just taking the bull by the horn and giving herself a middle name.

If anyone has ever seen my Mother (and she was truly pretty in her younger days…), my Momma don’t look like no damn Jeanette. LOL! We had a good laugh about it and we talked about the importance of names and why I chose my mother’s name as my daughter’s middle name. We talked about the importance of family. And she also made me realize some harsh truths about myself (cause y’all know I’m the loner a**hole of my generation – so that’s always been a sticking point because I consider my friends my family moreso than my actual family – it is what it is…)

What I enjoyed about my chat is that we talked about my grandmother who I never knew and who she never knew!!!! And it made me realize that humanity is complex, the fact that my Aunt is still alive after everything she’s gone through is a damn miracle. It made me very humble because I complain a lot and I know I have a better life than the generation before me.

It reminded me that loving on, talking to and connecting with the elders is essential to who you are and helping you figuring out where you need to go.

So I dedicate this to my beautiful, resilient, funny, charming and loving Auntie Shirley. She’s a unicorn among the stars and I love her very much.

I love you to bits Auntie Shirley.