Thank you Stacey Abrams for your fight against Supremacy in Georgia

This image original appeared on the website on Nov 07, 2018

The state failed its voters. You see, despite a record-high population in Georgia, more than a million citizens found their names stripped from the rolls by the secretary of state, including a 92-year-old civil rights activist who had cast her ballot in the same neighborhood since 1968. Tens of thousands hung in limbo, rejected due to human error and a system of suppression that had already proven its bias. The remedy, they were told, was simply to show up. Only they, like thousands of others, found polling places shut down, understaffed, ill-equipped, or simply unable to serve its basic function for lack of a power cord. Students drove hours to hometowns because mismanagement prevented absentee ballots from arriving on time. Parents stood in the fitful rain in four-hour lines, watching as other voters had to abandon democracy in favor of keeping their jobs and collecting a paycheck. Eligible voters were refused ballots because poll workers didn’t think they had enough paper to go around. Ballots were rejected by the handwriting police. Citizens tried to exercise their constitutional rights and were still denied the right to elect their leaders.

The above text is an excerpt from Ms. Abrams speech.

Stacey Abrams ran a good campaign, yet she did not have enough to topple the indignant and morally bankrupt racist machine in Georgia politics. Compound that with white women and white men overwhelming voting for the racist poster boy for ineptitude – Kemp, the war on supremacy was lost in Georgia.

However I applaud Ms. Abrams, she fought the good fight and exposed Kemp for the proliferator of voter suppression and racism that he is.

I am proud of you Ms. Abrams. Very proud.