It’s more than fandom –> It’s #Fandemic

Let’s do some housekeeping. I am a #FandemicPartner for their pre-event promotions. If you follow me on other platforms, you know I’ve been so “supersonic” promoting this event. Now, being a #FandemicPartner doesn’t automatically guarantee me press credentials to the event, however if my pre-event promotions are in line with their goals then my remuneration will be in the form of admission to the event. Makes sense right. So there is a brand relationship. With that said, that relationship will not influence this blog post. These opinions are mine and mine alone. Now, are we ready? Let’s begin. 


Look, if you have been following me by now – you have to know at least 3 things about me. 1) I used to draw and I took “studio art” in high school and undergrad.  2) I love comics books, comic series, comic anything-really / sci-fi / adventure based art and #comicexpos. 3) I love experiencing a resurgence of my youth when I attend these events in Houston.

It would stand to reason that I’m super excited about #FandemicHOU. I was uber excited at the line up when they first rolled out marketing. Then when I saw “Drax” was going to be in the building, that was a game changer.


I’m a huge Guardians of the Galaxy Fan and so is my Future CEO. When I relayed the news that we would be dropping into the #FandemicTour en masse, the kiddo filled with glee! Glee, I say. For just a moment, I was the coolest Mom in the whole wide world. It wore off once I tried to roll-out my “eat more broccoli agenda” at dinner time. LOL!

There are so many great characters / celebrities attending #FandemicHOU – I see why it is 3 days. Then recently they added one of my favorites from my youth!  #GroovyBruce also known as Bruce Campbell from #EvilDead.


OMGaaaaaaaaaaaawd! Yes. Total yes! If you are a GenXer – you love “Evil Dead”. How could you not? It was the movie that gave me my living definition of “cult classics”.  The humor, the horror and the “kitch” were all perfect. So I’m totally stoked to see Bruce Campbell added to the line-up.

The one thing that I like about the #FandemicTour is that they have some new artist lined up for the event. It’s great to see your favorite comic artist at these #comicconventions, but it is also imperative that we see up and coming artist. It is great to watch their evolution and their growth not only through their backstory, but through the characters they put before us.

This weekend is a great time to get tickets to #FandemicHOU.  They have on a lovely Labor Day sale for VIP. Also students and the military get discounts for their purchases as well.

One thing that Houston does well is bring people together from all walks of life, so to have the Fandemic Comic Expo in Houston only makes sense. We transplant-Houstonians and the native Houstonians love to get out in our #cosplay get ups and mingle.

It is a family friendly environment that will serve as a world of wonder for the kiddos. I’m completely stoked and my inner geeky 6th grade self is all abuzz about #Fandemic.

09062018 Twitter Party Image

Now for you #Twitter fans, there is something awesome for you.  This Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 9pm ET – the Fandemic Tour is throwing a Twitter party. And guess what the grand prize giveaway is? Guess? Yeah…. 2 VIP tickets to #FandemicTour. You gotta jump into the #twitterverse and win those tickets!!!! Make sure you follow the hashtags:  #FandemicHOU #FandemicHouston #FandemicTour … and you can always follow me on Twitter (@EfabulousHB). I’ll be on the chat.


Don’t miss out. Come down, dress up, have fun – see a celeb. In that order!!! Pick up your tickets at:

#FandemicHOU ~ September 14, 15, 16  2018



General Admission:
$40 — Friday Pass
$50 — Saturday Pass
$45 — Sunday Pass
$80 — Full Weekend Pass
$150 — Fandemic Fanatic VIP




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