I am hurting for Chicago. That’s my hometown.

I am watching an episode of “Outside Man” with a wonderful Black British host named Reggie Yates. This episode is about life and death in Chicago.

It is hard to watch. The despair. The despair of Black Chicagoans. Their faces all look like mine. Their voices sound like mine. Those are my people because Chicago was where I was born, raised and educated. … But the heaviness of racism, segregation and economic despair is so palatable — I find it so hard to watch.

I have skipped through the episode to stop my tears from flowing. My soul cries out because I wanted to see Black Chicago win. I wanted to see Black Chicago thrive. So it hurts to see my home, my community… crumbling with no support and under siege from racism, profiling, violence, educational apartheid, brutality and economic strangulation.

I keep Chicago in my prayers and even my hopes.

If you get a chance, check out the Chicago episode of “Outside Man” on Netflix. It’s a real look at what’s happening.




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