Sarcoidosis and me … NOW.

07312018 Sarcoidosis App


And so it begins.

No longer can be in denial about where I am with my health. I’m in the mindset now that I have to fight to live. I can no longer live to eat, but I have to eat strategically to live. I’ve been avoiding / procrastinating downloading the app because it was such a visual acceptance of being full on absorbed by this disease. I loathe Sarcoidosis and the effect it has had on my mental and physical well being.

But I’m here NOW.  I want to remain here for my Future CEO. I want to make all the school plays. The big wins, the losses… so I’m here now in a very open and accepting place that life, health, love, mental health, emotional well being, motherhood and pantyhose size all changes as we journey through life.

Wish me luck, Chuck… I need it.



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