I loved my Momma…

As Mother’s Day looms, a picture of my mother and I that was shared on Instagram popped up in my Facebook Memories. In true #FeelKazistan fashion, I started to cry.

I loved my Momma.
We weren’t very close.

In a lot of ways, she didn’t understand me. I don’t play Black respectability politics and she judged me because my Blackness wasn’t like hers – also I am kind of a wild and untethered soul.  Yet, in a lot of ways once she realized I was meant to be unleashed on the world as I am… she loved me as best as she could, she let me be free and sometimes she sat back and enjoyed watching me fly.

… but I can say now as a mother and a woman that has (pardon my slang) – been through some “thangs” …She gave me her best. She had nothing really, but she made something and gave it to me – when she could.

… And I’m a proper Badass Woman & Mother because of her …

In her words:  “Never play small. If you are going to play, play with the big boys and never look back.”

May you rest in peace and power Areather. You deserve peace and all the joy heaven can bestow upon you. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤