Smile. Crush It. Repeat. My review of the #CrushItBag

Let’s do some housekeeping. I was gifted the Stella & Dot “Crush It Bag”, “Crush It Pouch” and Pouf (in camo) in my personal social circles. These items were not given to me as remuneration for a blog post or promotion on my social media assets. Me swooning endlessly over these accessories is all my doing and I am not a paid affiliate of Stella & Dot. I just happen to have amazing friends and know a Super Badass Stylist for Stella & Dot.

So let’s recap… #MommyFab was gifted an amazing bag and decided to tell the whole world about it – but it is not an affiliate gift, it is a “You’re my friend and you are marvelous” gift. See the difference? Okay, on with the blog post. 


Go Erica, it’s ya’ birthday. Okay, no it is not, but I feel like it is my birthday. Firstly, let me say how much I LOVE BIG BAGS. Since I was a sophomore at Whitney Young (in Chicago), I have always loved carrying bags bigger than my person. Why you ask? because I was a very skinny, tall lanky kid with boobs but no ass. So big bags detracted away from the fact that I had no tush. 

All throughout my 20’s and 30’s, I have carried big bags.  Now in my sexy, amazing, exhausting and always-damn-busy 40’s I carry big bags because:

  • I’m a thick’um(s). I’m 189lbs – solid and I’m kinda wide like my Momma. And I still have no ass. So the bag look proportionate. Big sexy woman. Big sexy bag. No… there is no hot sauce in my bag. I am from Chicago. Thank you. 
  • I have a HUGE, EXTROVERTED PERSONALITY WHEN I’M BEING LEISURELY. And you cannot just walk into a room, command attention and have an ugly bag??? Who does that? Not I, said the Erica. Note I said when I’m being leisurely. Most days I’m friendly but I’m very observant and quiet. It is a little unsettling to people who are easily intimidated. … but you can overcome intimidating people if they are drooling over your bag. It is a talking point.
  • I’m tall. Not supermodel tall, but tall enough that if I put on 3 inch heels then I’m Wonder Woman tall. Make sense?
  • I carry a lot of shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh around because I’m a Certified Badass Super Mom who works too much but always want to help people and I’m always on the damn go. I need a bag that can hold my wallet, a tablet, 2 phones, hard drive, make-up, a possible soda if I’m parched, keys, vaseline (multitude of reasons… don’t go there!), 4 extra plugs in case I have to go to the doctor’s office and I need to charge my phone, 2 magazines, my flip flops if I have on heels that are higher than 3 inches. UM, I BASICALLY NEED TO PUT MY ENTIRE LIFE, AFTER LIFE AND POSSIBLE NEW LIFE IF I WIN THE LOTTERY IN ONE BAG EVERYDAY AND LOOK CUTE.


This image is directly from the Stella & Dot website. I do not own the rights to this photo. You can find this image and other images of the Crush it Bag at

Yes. I know. You are thinking to yourself – “it has a damn shoe compartment, shut the front door”. I told you the bag was badass. I’ve typed badass like a gazillion times now. Take heed.

So this is the bag you need to put your whole life in. Truly. However, you cannot just do the bag. You have to do the pouf and the clutch! Yes. Yes. Either go hard or go home with your accessories.


This image is directly from the Stella & Dot website. I do not own the rights to this photo. You can find this image and other images of the Crush it Bag at

I love this pouch. I’m using it as a clutch. So here’s what I do – I tote the bag when I’m in Mom / Mom-preneur mode. Then in the car, if I have a social event, I change into my heels and pop my wallet, keys, battery pack, phone, lipstick and mascara in the pouch and I’m off to drink champagne and wow people with my mindless nerd facts about accounting. … And yes, the pouch is big enough to hold all that stuff and double as a sassy, cute, modern clutch.

Last but not least, I have the camo pouf. Great for makeup or….. wait for it, my electronic charger, battery pack and outlet plugs!!! Genius. So when I’m toting around an entire mobile office, I look super stylish and I give off the illusion that I’m sane and organized. Brilliant! Yeah, let me live the lie! We all know I’m a frazzled, divorced working mother with a pasta addiction fighting to resolve my Sarcoidosis flares one day at a time… but let me think I’m organized for the summer at least. LOL! 

Soooooooooooo that’s me done.

Conclusion: if you are busy single or divorced Mom-preneur like me, with the urgent need to manage life, being stylish, hauling electronics, reading materials, a journal and you have to find somewhere to put your “driving” flip flops – the CRUSH IT GYM BAG / POUCH / POUF are for YOU.

Wait you say? You want to buy all this awesome stuff! You should! You really should hop over to the Stella & Dot website and #TREATYOSELF!

Here are some lovely links for you! Go forth, shop, be fabulous! xoxoxo


Photo credit to @snaptherapy