#ThisIsAmerica … Get yo’ money, Black man.

Honestly, it is like “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu

1. First read for context.
2. Second read to identify relatable symbolism.
3. Third read to identify the unresolved symbolism in your own life.
4. Fourth read for self adjustment and problem resolution.

I watched this video many times… but you should get the message by the 4th time:

1st time because it was Gambino and I wanted to see his new shhhhhhh.

2nd time because I am macabre and I instantly caught on to the symbolism of the killings and careful placement of the guns.

3rd time I watched it because I was intrigued with how his body moved and that we got to enjoy a Black body and black skin, untethered… But I noticed he was a distraction and I saw a 4th horsemen in the background.

4th time I realized I am the very person he is talking about. I am easily distracted, I have very little effect on real social issues that concern Black Americans (descendants of slaves) and I watched the chaos, anger and mob waves in the background as I ignored ‘Bino and heard “Get yo’ money, Black man” looping around in my head.

Said all that to say…
My personal interpretation is that there are many layers to this.

And that is what ART is supposed to do, invite, invoke, envelope and inspire thought.

Well done Mr. Glover.
Well f’ing done.

I love your ART.