It was a #HelloFresh kinda Thursday!

Let’s do some housekeeping first: I DID NOT get paid or remunerated in anyway to write this blog post about my #HelloFresh experience. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. This is me waffling on about my experience and how much I liked it. Now continue reading and … thanks for stopping by my blog. You rock!!!! 



So, I’m a former “Plated” customer. I wholeheartedly believe in the meal-plan box system. I do. I believe in meal-planning. However, if you are working Mother, meal planning is damn near impossible to do successfully and consistently without being absorbed by the “Borg” and becoming a damn robot.

Plain and simple.

I stumbled upon a coupon for #HelloFresh two weeks ago and I just couldn’t resist. I wanted to have 2 dinners where I didn’t have to use that part of the Mom-brain to plan, calculate calories, feel guilty if it is indulgent and feel sad because it is you that is cutting up all the veggies. That’s a lot of brain power and work. I wanted a mini-sabbatical from all the neuro-heavy-lifting at dinnertime. In my not-so-infinite-wisdom, I decided to give #HelloFresh a try.


The meal box did not disappoint.  The two meals included were absolutely fabulous. That Thursday, I chose to make ONE PAN ORZO ITALIANO. I love orzo, but it doesn’t love my non-existent, ever expanding, but still very sexy waistline. LMAO.

The ingredients were very fresh. The parsley and spinach was amazingly fresh. I enjoyed every moment of the cooking process. Now usually me cooking dinner during homework is fraught with indecision, screaming inside my head “do I have enough spinach to florentine the hell out of this dish”, and being sad about having to wash dishes. However, what meal boxes do for you… they take the anxiety out of making a good dinner for your family. It also makes you feel like a bootleg chef. This past Thursday, I felt like the most clever bootleg chef north of Houston. LOL!


Honestly, I would have never come up with something THIS FANCY for dinner. So yes, I felt like empowered. Totally #winning for the stressed-out, working mother in the kitchen feeding her kid. Yay!

Given the amount of stress, work, responsibility and just energy it takes to feed your family fresh food that will nourish them and not have them on meds later on in their adult life, meal boxes are a great way to achieve healthy eating without totally breaking the bank.

I highly recommend the #HelloFresh experience. I was most certainly best pleased with the food, the ease and the pricing.

All the best.