#AfroLatinoHistory is #BlackHistory is #History. Period.


Black History Month is pretty much sacred to me. I’m a proud, enterprising Black American woman – inside and out. I’m proud of who I am and my legacy.  I’m a 3rd generation descendant of a slave. I’m only 44yrs old. So it was not that long ago that my great-grandmother was born in chains. I walk through this life knowing that I have to be 10x better in everything I do … all while trying to exist as a humanist and do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

Baby! That’s a hard ass road… but I am on it.

In this journey of life, there are really so many things that UNITE us. There are so many things that we have in common, if we just looked. And not only do I belive it and talk that talk, I walk the walk.

So I felt the best way to close out this Black History month was to create a digital homage to my fellow Afro-Latinos. Reaching out in solidarity knowing that Afro-Latino history is indeed Black History —which by the way is … well… damnit it’s the history of the world.

Lucky for me I know some of the most amazing Latin bloggers in Houston.  The Houston Latina Bloggers were so wonderful to partner with me to action this homage.  I cannot thank the beautiful @MommaOfDos and the Houston Latina Bloggers enough for letting me participate in an IG takeover to close out Black History Month.

For me it was a wonderful experience. I did a lot of research and as I peeled back the real layers of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, my heart sank because there were so many Africans enslaved and sent to Latin America. Brazil has the largest concentration of descendants of stolen Africans outside of Africa itself… that is mind blowing. I did more research and found my fellow Afro-Latinos voices becoming louder as they will no longer barter with those who choose to put them a box, for they are the personal embodiment of Latin culture, Latin heritage, Black humanity and African ancestry.  As a descendant of an American Chattel Slave, I felt an affinity for Afro-Latinos when I dug deeper into their story of enslavement, marginalization and erasure. {It sounds familiar, IJS.}

So thank you Houston Latina Bloggers for giving me a platform to share what I have learned, to express my affinity for those who are descendants of those stolen away from Africa and to learn more about the Latin diaspora through their stories and their eyes.

One thing I found in my internet search was a video that truly broke down being Afro-Latinidad.

One of the most powerful things they said… [paraphrasing] there would not be a United States, Latin America and Caribbean without African slaves. 

Say that. Did you hear that? That’s fact.

So again, thanks to the beautiful Houston Latina Bloggers. You can follow them on Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/houstonlatinabloggers/  A loud shout out to my current city and the city full of amazing bloggers and good people: The “H”aka Houston.


If you want to know more about the TransAtlantic slave trade do check out THROUGH THE LENS OF THE TRANSATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE by Dr. Vinita Moch Ricks. 

You can enjoy a preview of the book by clicking this link

Black History Month may be over on the calendar, but over here we are loving our Blackness 365/24/7.