A Day in the life of @EfabulousHB aka #MommyFab >>> #HAAB 30-Day Blog Challenge



Here is a day in my life. All task sorted in alphabetical order.

assure dogs I love them but I have to leave
blow my nose
check Future CEO backpack and take out any toys
check my unibrow
check the child custody agreeement for any holiday visitation coming up
check the house honey-do list
cook a fresh meal for the Future CEO and me
do work and hope another special project opens up at work
double check homework again
dream about winning the lottery
drop off Future CEO at school
email teacher if there is an issue that I need to adddress prior to Future CEO getting to school
feed and water the dogs in the evening
feed Future CEO
find bathbombs
find clothes
find my bra
find spanxs
get depressed for a minute because I never wanted to be a single mother
give myself pep talk
go to the grocery store to get items we need
go to work
heat croissants while getting ready
if jackpot is large enough, go play the lottery
jump on the HOV lane
jump on Twitter and retweet #HAAB tweets and #HAAB Member tweets
lay on the bed and ask God why am I so tired, why did I have to be a divorced single mother when I never wanted to be that
let dogs out for a morning pee
let the dogs out for the afternoon pee
listen to a Black American politic talk on YouTube
listen to a motivational TEDx talk or Black American motivational show on the way to work
look at my google calendar day at a glance
make calls on the way to work for my own businesses
make sure Future CEO does all the homework assigned and extra credit, if possible
mentally recall all the stuff I have to to for this particular day
micro-blog on Instagram
nag Future CEO about flossing and brushing teeth
nag Future CEO to complete bedtime routine in a timely fashion
pack up and leave work
peak at social media accounts
pick out shoes in my head
pick up Future CEO
pray for other people that need God’s goodness and Blessings in their life
pray that God / The Universe covers the Future CEO, the dogs and myself
pull down yesterday’s towels replace with clean towels for today
put on bra
put up the dishes
remember to floss
respond to any messages on LinkedIn
rinse / wash dishes before putting them in the dishwasher
run the dishwasher
send a motivation message to a friend
send a text to my non FB friends and family members
send emoji to someone special
send loving good morning to that special someone
take a bath
take out the trash can, if needed
talk to Future CEO’s Dad
think about someone special
unwind with wine
update the coparenting calendar
update the main calendar
use the bathroom
wake up
wake up Future CEO
wash up vigorously
watch a special chef’s table France about the woman chef and her story about Adeline Grattard
water the dogs


Yeah…. day in and day out, this is how I roll!


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