Why do you blog? #HAAB 30-Day Blog Challenge



I blog therefore I am… – am sane. LOL!

Do you know I started to blog during my divorce because it was cathartic? It was a release for me.  I have been writing since I was 13yrs old. I used to write letters to my friends. I used to write poems. I used to ghost write athlete’s English papers. I write because it is part of who I am. It is baked into my DNA. I feel lost and hallow when I don’t write.

From 2003 until 2012, I did not write. I remember the day I tried to write about my new adventure in England at the time and the words wouldn’t come to me. I would write these prolific emails to my friends and suddenly I lost the fervency to write at all. I wanted to cocoon myself in my own thoughts and cry and I didn’t even know how to write that feeling.

So I blog now for the following reasons:

  • to feel alive
  • if I discover a new restaurant with amazing food
  • to discuss social issues involving Black Americans
  • to discuss parenting
  • I feel hyped about discovering a new app or something new in tech
  • because the sun rose
  • because the sun set
  • did I mention to feel alive?????

Blogging is Life. Enough said!




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