The first time I went to Paris, France I was 25 yrs old. It was the first time I felt FREE as a human being.

I was 25yrs old in this picture. Pardon me for saying so… but I was beautiful. I mean I had the perfect body, I had these amazing long flowing micro-braids, my skin, my smile…. I was having a 2nd run on my youth. AND DAMNIT I WAS DOING IT EVER SO STYLISH IN PARIS, FRANCE.

My first trip to Paris is by far one of my most favorite travel adventure of my life. Why? Ans: When left America and went to Paris for the first time, I finally felt FREE.¬† It was the first time someone referred to me as just an AMERICAN. I wasn’t a Black. I wasn’t Black American. I was American. The racism and microaggressions I was enduring at the time were daily and numerous, so to get that off my humanity and just “be” in Paris was amaze balls.

I walked up the Grande Arche de la Defense and peered over Paris as though I belonged there from birth. I drank tea, sipped wine, marveled at the architecture, drank champagne on the River Seine… I got to enjoy my humanity without there being an immediate siege upon it because of my Black skin.

I will always remember that feeling of freedom. That trip awakened my humanity.



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