I am #EfabulousHB.

I am a mother, first and foremost. 
I am beautiful, inside & out.

I am a proud Black American.

I am a worker.

I am an artist (in my mind).

I am a poet, but you wouldn’t know it.

I am a lover, with great passion.

I am a survivor, I have lost so much in my lifetime.

I am broken, severely, internally – into a million pieces. 

I am a friend to all who’ve showed me due care.

I am a nemesis to mediocrity.

I am an enigma to those who try and put me in a box to fit their nefarious stereotypes about Black American women.

I am afraid of failing my child.

I am plagued with nightmares about my wrong choices and the tears shed from an era gone by.

I am exhausted daily because I give 104.76429% from the time I put on my shoes.

I am very fragile. 

I am human.