I am not an activist.

I am not an activist. There are real people doing real work and giving of themselves to improve the lives of others. 

I share information on social media, but I am not on the frontline. I am opinionated and I type with vigor, but I am not on the frontline. 

So, that’s why I have the utmost respect for REAL activists. The people who are willing to march, willing to be jailed, willing to use their humanity to help heal a stranager in need. These are the real heroes. These are the people standing up for principles and fighting for our lives to matter. 

I watch them behined a pixelated screen, in awe. I pray for them when I see them take on personal affronts that change the trajectory of their lives – often time resulting in some kind of material and personal loss.

So if you cannot bring yourself to be a real activist, then support those actively engaged in activism in your life. 

Help them prepare documents, donate to their cause, listen when they need support and offer assistance when and where you can. 

I am no activist. 

But… I am a humanist. 

I recognize that being an activist is an incredible, taxing responsibility on anyone’s humanity. 


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