“Sing”… and everything will feel better.


This is how sad my soul looked after a sh** day at work!

Yesterday, I had a really demoralizing incident happen at work. It made me physically ill. I hadn’t eaten all day. I went from work to two back to back meetings. I sat in traffic for 1.5hrs in the blistering sun just to pick my Future CEO from summer camp. I greeted her with a somber face and a grape slushie from Sonic. {They have the best slushies by the way… IJS.}

As we got home, it seemed like the universe was off-loading bad karma on me. An avalanche of bills waited for me in the post, one of my loving furries had pooped and pee’ed all over her cage, and the floor and her toy; I needed to do laundry, unload the dishwasher and the kitchen looked like a war zone. Yet I was so sad about work that I just wanted to cry. I went in my room, closed the door and I was so truly discombobulated that I couldn’t force the tears out, even though I wanted to cry my soul to sleep.

I wanted to make a simple and fun dinner for my CEO, because even though the world sh*** on working parents daily, you still have to be there for your children. You still have to smile for your children. You still have to be present and engaged for your children… NO MATTER HOW THE WORLD HAS HURT YOU OUTSIDE YOUR HUMBLE HOME, YOU STILL HAVE TO BE THERE FOR YOUR KIDS. You still have to be Mom or Dad or sometimes Both. So I picked myself up and made some “healthy nachos” and sat down to dinner with my Superstar.

Then. Something Magical. Happened. 


We were watching the end of Sing. Mr. Moon had hit rock bottom and was back to washing cars.  Eddie saw his friend and told him “well, there is only one direction to go once you hit rock bottom.” [paraphrasing…] And in that moment, I felt like Eddie was talking to me.  I felt like I had hit rock bottom at work. … Yet watching Mr. Moon bounce back, suddenly, life wasn’t too bad for me either.  And as the end of this wonderful movie unfolded, the songs just seem to chip away at the sadness that had covered me. As I saw my Superstar singing her heart out, it lifted my spirits so much I joined in singing with her as loud as my horrible, nasal voice would let me. Just seeing her being so in love with music like I am and singing all these cover songs from my youth was like being wrapped in cotton wool and was a metaphysical hug from the universe!


So fast forward to this morning, I decided to create a Sing playlist with all the original songs that I really liked from the end of the movie!  I hope the combination of these songs light your heart and your awesomeness like it did for me.

Don’t you worry about a thing / Stevie Wonder

I’m still standing / Elton John

Firework / Katy Perry



I let out my inner Meena today!

Music and singing make everything better!

(In my 79th Street Chicago accent…) “Fa’ sho!”

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