My Dad told me that “A PICTURE IS WORTH A 1,000 WORDS”. I’m a word person. Words matter. Words cut. Words heal. Words hurts. Words without action though are meaningless fodder for life.

I don’t take pretty pictures. I take pictures of things that excite me, that interest me, that please me, that upset me, that call to me and then of course there are pictures of me. At some point, I decided to share my humanity, not because I have something to say that is effectual and important; I share because I feel as though there is a little girl as quirky as I am watching. I share because there is a beautiful, ignored and untethered little girl looking to see if her Black American, awkward, quirky, intelligent and loving humanity matters – and it does.

No Instagram model here. I’m just a real woman, with real life issues, with real boobs, with no ass, with a sassy mouth, with insane observation, with a comic life and a real passion for sharing my humanity.


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