Mixed Hues & Why seeing people who look like you MATTERS SO MUCH!!!

Samara Banks - Owner & Artist at Mixed Hues

Meeting Samara Barks was a total celebrity moment for #MommyFab


Okay, before we start here is my disclaimers.  I did NOT receive any remuneration (in dollars, pesos, yen, great British pounds or in-kind like being fed grapes by a naked Kofi Siriboe). I paid for my tickets to #Comicpalooza 2017 and met the lovely owner & artist of Mixed Hues, Samara Barks all on my own. So these are my own opinions about my encounter. We good? Good. Keep reading Superstar! 

At Comicpalooza 2017, I found the Mixed Hues booth. For me, a 44yr old lover of comics and Black American Mom, this was UBER COOL. I WAS SUPER STOOOOOOOOOOKED!!!!!!!

I’m a huge fan of Hawk Girl, so meeting Samara Barks was a total, complete and utter celebrity moment for me. However, the moment transformed into something greater than I anticipated.  My Future CEO got to meet a Black American artist and illustrator in person! Swoon! Swoon! Damnit…. all the Swoons in Swoon-gonia!!! This is when you know that representation truly matters.  They talked about roller skating, sketching, having sketch books, her favorite villains and heroes, etc.


Watching my child connect with Ms. Barks was incredible.  I seriously had to choke back the tears.  As a young Black American girl growing up, I was the typical Blerd.  It wasn’t cool for little Black girls to want to draw comics, watch Dr. Who or be into science-fiction. And here in 2017, I was looking at the beautiful Samara Barks, talking to my incredible Future CEO. It was surreal moment for me.

It is my hope that more children of color ignore American society’s persistent and aggressive intentions to stereotype them or box their humanity. I hope more children of color, especially Black American boys / girls start to embrace their love of illustration, comics, and being creatives.



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