And then there was #Comicpalooza

@EfabulousHB and the Dark Lord

Me and the Dark Lord

Before we start you must know that I was NOT remunerated (in money or free tickets) for my time at #Comicpalooza. I paid for a ticket just like everyone else.  This was the first CP for me and my Future CEO… but it won’t be the last. So therefore the opinions expressed are my own and are not subject to influence. Thanks! Now keep reading, please.  

Often time as a parent, you look for continued synergy between you and your kid as they start growing up. Those simple moments when they were a baby and clamoring to be by your side every minute are slowly fading away.  … And then there was #Comicpalooza!

For sometime now, I’ve encouraged my Future CEO to explore comics, sketching, science fiction and story-telling. It has been marvelous to see the evolution of her imagination and her interest steadily grow in comics. I found comics via my love of sketching and drawing.  In my day, it wasn’t really cool for girls to like comics, the bad guys in sci-fi movies, or fantasy novels, etc.  Throw in being Black american and it is a recipe for isolation.  Yet, I never stop loving fantasy, comics and science fiction. They truly entertain me.

Comicpalooza 2017 with @EfabulousHB

When math transforms YOU! Get it. See what did there! LOL!


This year when I attended Comicpalooza, it was so refreshing to see people from all ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds engaged and enjoying themselves.

I even became overjoyed when I found the Black American comic creators at their booth(s).  It was a very important moment for me to introduce my child to a Black American comic creator who looked like me. The fabulous Mixed Hues artist talked to my Future CEO about sketching, character creation and storytelling. Perfect!!!! I really had to choke back my tears of joy because those little moments of representation matter so very much.


As we meandered around, we discovered Daggerth (which is a LARP), laser tag and the NASA virtual reality tour, Legos and Creepy Hollow.

The NASA VR tour has given me a new and profound respect for the skill level of international astronauts and science. The amount of ingenuity, passion, practicality and design that went into the International Space Station is astounding. Every child from 1st through 8th grade should learn about the sheer amount of detail, teamwork, and collaboration that goes into the International Space Station. I’m super besotted with NASA now and so is my Future CEO.

As a parent, by far the most impressive quality of Comicpalooza was how kid-friendly it was for families and the large offering of STEM activities.  It was really cool.  I enjoyed watching my CEO build out Lego(s), ask questions at the booth(s), discover new characters, and really get into the spirit of the day.  Then we happened upon BotShopRocks! Ms. Jane Taylor was an absolute delight with the kids.  Our prize find for the event was Creator Space in League City.  The creativity of this group was unmatched, exciting, and pure awesome.

All in all, Comicpalooza was a day of great sights, sounds, and experiences.  It has now become an annual event for me and my Future CEO.


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