Make a mobile app in a day with @BlackGirlsCode

Disclaimer: I was not remunerated in any shape, form or fashion to write this blog post. My family actually actively participated in the workshop and we purchased our own tickets. … Just keeping y’all in the know. 

I am starting this blog post by saying that I am completely,  utterly,  and totally biased when it comes to teaching young Black American Girls viable skills that they can use in the future to either secure long-term employment or to build a business of their own. Let me just throw my bias right on out there.


As a Black American mother who is trying to make sure that my daughter has a robust and well-rounded future, @BlackGirlsCode Houston is a little bit of everything I want for her academic and social intellectual development. It’s a way for her to learn, discover, and explore a new skill set. It’s a way for her to hang out with her best friend. It’s a way for her to get her creative juices flowing by creating something from “scratch”.  And it’s also a way for me to follow up as an involved parent and do some other projects with her, so that we can stay connected  through our shared love of tech.



I was excited to not only take my favorite girls to @BlackGirlsCode Houston this weekend, but I was also really excited to volunteer. I always want to see the turnout of parents and the turnout of girls at this these type of events. It reminded me so much of growing up in Chicago and participating in the various academic programs for impoverished South Side students. I would have to get on a bus for like 1 hour and 45 minutes to go from 79th Street all the way to the University of Illinois at Chicago (my alma mater btw!!!!!)  to participate in a program called Saturday College. As a person that comes from an impoverished background, I know the importance of these programs that exposes children of color — especially Black American children to different mindsets, different ways of thinking, different ways to create that may become foundation to their future success.


We all know that you may not positively affect all of the children participating, however  you will indeed inspire a few outstanding young members of the Black American Intelligentsia and they will go on and pay that forward.  It is programs like @BlackGirlsCode that become imperative to young Black American intellectual and social evolution. These types of programs are pivotal and they’re powerful.  I’m really excited and I hope to volunteer again with the Houston chapter of @BlackGirlsCode.


Lastly, I want to humbly thank and champion all the volunteers, the core team member from Memphis, TN that lead the workshop, Google for supporting such an important agenda, Houston Community College for providing a wonderful space and great computer labs for the girls to learn, and the dynamic software developers who volunteered to pass on their skillset to the girls. It as a perfect team of enthusiasm and kindness from the leadership, volunteers and instructors.

It makes me hopefully that when we all work together for the greater good of all American children we can help #ChangeHerPath!!!!!

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