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Shelter - 2017 (NR) 76 min. Documentary, Independent, Reality Follow This Film

Shelter – 2017 (NR) 76 min. Documentary, Independent, Reality

I’m a huge advocate for the Covenant House Texas. Someone who was helped by that homeless shelter for teens became a huge beacon of love and compassion in the early days of my motherhood. So twice a year I try to donate in-kind goods and give money to them when I can.

A documentary called “Shelter” needs 72 more tickets to screen here in Houston. It is focused on a homeless teen in New Orleans. Please, please, please think about supporting this venture.

Black American homelessness is REAL in HOUSTON. In 2015, there were 632 homeless youths in Houston (both Black, Hispanic and white). These are children and with the right help and guidance, they can have a better chance at life.

Earlier I said that someone who was helped by the Covenant House as a teen had a huge impact on my life and motherhood; this wonderful human being became a good friend of mine and helped me through some really uncertain times. She holds a Master’s degree and her children are both in university, as she and her husband prepare for an empty nest. That’s a powerful testimony to the work, support and help that these places like Covenant house can provide.

… but we need to know more and that’s why I would love if 72 more people in Houston joined me at this movie screening. Please consider it.

I know I ask for a lot and I’m going to keep on asking a lot of your humanity because it is for a good cause!

You can purchase your tickets for Shelter here:

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