#BESummit – Representation Matters

#BESummit #BESummit2017

For me, going to the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit was an awakening of some sort. It reminded me that representation matters. All throughout my life time I always had the opportunity to do better because there were people who looked like me and shared my same experiences lifting up Black American kids as they – themselves – climbed the corporate ladder.


I think that’s what Black Enterprise always represented to me, personally. It was a chance to look at those fellow Black Americans who valued scholarship, who valued merit, who valued education, and who valued the endless pursuit of betterment within the Black American community. For me, my expectations of the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurship Summit was of a high caliber to start — but they actually exceeded my expectations tenfold. Everything from the very first welcoming session to the end of the summit added real value. Also to see successful Black American entrepreneurs, engineers, business coaches, etc… lays the foundation for infectious inspiration. To see those who look like you — gives you a high level of self-worth and respect for your own humanity. You start to realize that your journey is not an anomaly. You start to realize that in a community of Black American intellectuals, you are the “norm”. As a Black American in the United States of America I was really humbled and also reminded that my journey is not mine alone. To see all of the young Black Millennials and young Black American teenage entrepreneurs was refreshing and inspiring. As a Mom-Blogger and Mom-preneur, I wanted my child to be here in this type of environment with all of these brilliant young vibrant Black American children that are embracing technology. Young Americans that are embracing social media marketing. Dynamic American talent that has embraced an entrepreneurial mindset — these are the things that are important for me to see and to share with my child.

I am very thankful to the #BESummit for reminding me of my importance in my local community. It reminded me that as a Black American woman who champions scholarship and who champions community that I have to do more. It reminds me that I have to think big and that I have to strive to do better – always.

I do hope that the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurship Summit comes back to Houston, in the near future. Black Americans in Houston are willing to learn, we are malleable and we need something like this to remind us that together we are strong.

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