I got Plated.com

Disclaimer:  This is NOT a sponsored post. I was not remunerated by Plated.com for this post. I was introduced to Plated via my blog partner @TwoDopeMoms. 

It is the Sunday before Memorial Day.  The Future CEO is still a bit under the weather and I feel a smidge anti-social.  Holed up in the house seems to be the way forward today.

Yet this Sunday is a bit less stressful than most Sunday(s).  Wanna know why? Yes? I got Plated!!!! 

Friday evening, I received my box and it was filled with yummy goodness.  In the box were the ingredients for Brown Butter Orecchiette and Beef Noodle Bowls. It is not an overload of carbs (as well know I don’t have carb control AT ALL!!!!!) – the dishes are uniquely balanced.

Back to the NOW.  Today I didn’t have to spend an hour pondering and stressing about what to cook for lunch or dinner today. I decided on a late lunch, pulled the ingredients from the refrigerator and prepared the Brown Butter Orecchiette.

Simple. Lovely. Done.

The CEO ate all of the dish. She even had seconds.  I had thirds. (No, I’m not shamed.) Honestly, I’m completely besotted with the convenience of Plated.  It takes the stress out of meal planning and meal prep.  Couple that with the fact that the company is committed to green packaging and providing good meals – Plated.com is simply a winner.

Plated. A sheer delight.

And a special shout out to @ChicagoMom72 my blog partner at @TwoDopeMoms for putting me on to Plated.com.  You rock Superstar!!!!!