Wait For The Guy Who Doesn’t Make You Wait Anymore | Thought Catalog


(from the article…)
Wait for the guy who shows you off, who proves to you how much you matter, who isn’t embarrassed of you at all and who thinks the weird, little things you do are cute.
Wait for the guy who loves you for you.
That’s the kind of love you deserve, that’s the kind of love we all deserve – someone who makes us feel loved, adored, wanted and important.
(from me…)
Life is too short to be with anyone who doesn’t adore you, exalt you, support you, indulge you, is kind to you, has passion for you and most of all is a friend to you. 
We… All deserve someone who sees us and our humanity in a glorious light. People who aren’t shame to love us out loud, instead of loving us in the shadows until the next man or woman is primed ready in their pathetic little inboxes and DM(s). 
We… All deserve to be passionately loved from the glance in our eyes to the fire in our loins.
Wait for the person that wants to be everything to you and for you and needs no one else.