Art and the wonder of self…

I won a painting session at Bisong Art Gallery.  Initially when I won, I was gobsmacked because I love art and I never win anything. So internally, I was really “over the moon”. 
Although, I will never be a Van Gogh.  I have a really healthy appreciation for the arts. I have loved art from the time I was a little kid in real, palatable poverty growing up in Chicago.  I loved drawing. I love painting. I love studying paintings. I love writing my interpretations of said paintings.  Art was my route of escape when I was growing up in Chicago. It was a way for me to explore the world and forget about the poverty and dysfunction that was sitting silently next to me. 

The day of the painting session, it was absolutely, positively shitty outside and inside my mind. I felt really exhausted.  I felt alone.  My Future CEO was with her Dad, so I was “solo”. Work sort of crushed my soul that day. I felt enormously “un-pretty”. To make matters worse, Houston’s weather was giving its inhabitants monsoon, after monsoon, after monsoon.  

Now the hell was I going to be creative with a day like that on my shoulders? 

Still, I had won this prize. I had won. So I went. …. And damn, I’m so glad I did.  It was a pretty awesome uplift to an amazingly shitty day. … So thanks again Bisong Art Gallery, you rock! 

Upon my late arrival to the gallery, I was greated by the warm face of the fabulous Gallery Owner – Carl Bisong and her Gallery Director / Houston Artist – Tyler Kay, while other painters quietly filled in their roses. I sat down and began painting my eclectic rose and drinking wine. 

As I played “catch up”, I fell directly in-line with the process of creating something uniquely personal and to me simply beautiful. With each brush stroke, a layer of stress seem to peel away.  

I found myself babbling about music of my era. I found myself musing about various women’s issues. We laughed about the evolution of womanhood in the “undergraduate” years through 90’s songs. I showed-off pictures of my gorgeous Future CEO. Each brush stroke made me realize that we don’t always have to stay in a funk after a tremendously bad day.  If we have the tools to release those bad moments, we can champion and share the good in our lives. And just like that, I was able to shake off the doldrums of the day. 

As the layers peeled back, I began to stare deeply into Tyler Kay’s work.  The beauty of her flowers were intoxicating. I began to notice the amazing space I was inhabiting. The Bisong Art Gallery is a really fabulous and alluring space.  It converts to a place to have a book signing party, a place to host an art class, an intriguing space to host a chef’s table, a wonderful space to have a wine tasting and a place to showcase your work if you are an artist. As each layer fell away, I began to exist in the present moment and it was a very cheerful, comfortable, joyous space to dwell. 

In the end, I was quite fond of my “Avant Garde Rose of Chaos” and I’m humbled to have kept the company of the lovely Carla Bisong and Tyler Kay. 

Disclaimer:  I was not given any remuneration to write this post.  It was totally cathartic and I won my painting session on Instagram.  Creating a blog post about my experience is in no way linked to the prize. I just wanted to share.