If being human has taught me anything

If being human has taught me anything, 

If living my life has taught me anything,

It is to love big. 

Love authentically.

Love yourself. 
And during your journey,

You will cry a lot, 

The pain of mistakes, 

The pain of life coming at you fast,

The heartache of needing to let go of 

Lovers because they weren’t true,

Letting go friends you outgrew,

Letting go your children so they can grow to be functional and fabulous adults, 

The pain of your life not turning out how you thought it would be…
It will all wash away with your tears

And be erased with each new day and a bigger smile and warmer heart.  

Love big.

Play big.

Think big.

Be big.

Cry big.

Go big.
F*** going home. 
If being Fabulously Imperfect has taught me anything, that is what my fragile humanity has taught me.