2017 Spring Katy Home & Garden Show – Our new to-do in Katy!


“You are doing pretty good keeping the kid alive; I’m sure you can handle a plant.”

[paraphrasing the talented and dynamic Chris Lambton, celebrity host of DIY Network’s Yard Crashers and HGTV’s Going Yard]



Saturday, January 28, 2017 I was afforded the pleasure of having a chat with the Yard Crashers aficionado, Chris Lambton prior to him speaking at the 2017 Spring Katy Home & Garden Show.  …And what a chat it was! Firstly, he is very, very personable. It’s like talking to a cousin that is simply obsessed but truly loves plants.  I used to be married to an arborist, so I know “plant people”.  Their eyes light up when they talk about soil, plants, trees… honestly, these are the people that will save the earth.  I crunch numbers, drink wine and when no one is looking dance around the kitchen like I’m in a bad 80’s video — please do not look to me to save to earth. I will donate money, but besides math, computers, drinking wine and loving my kid … oh and being the life of the party if I have too much wine – yeah, I’m useless. LOL!

I digress.

So I had a chat with Chris Lambton about THE HOUSTON FREEZE AND THE DEAD ZONE THAT IS MY YARD. Wanna see a picture of this horror? Sure you do, you’re nosey – like me.


Death in my backyard! So sad!

You see… if froze so bad that the cacti died. Cacti are the gangsta(s) of the plant world. You’d damn near have to drop an Oppenheimer bomb aka A-Bomb to just destroy cacti like this!  Now you can see what I chose to ask him a bazillion questions about saving, reviving and rehashing my yard.

Here are the amazing tips he gave me:

  • Put your plants into pots on casters.  He is a huge fan of this because during a cold spell the plants can be wheeled onto the porch or near the house and covered en masse.  [Clever! I would have never thought of that… see, not qualified to save the planet… me… not qualified.]
  • Buying different color pots injects color into your backyard in a functional way.
  • It’s okay to invest in some “faux grass”.  He made the really awesome point of how regardless how much you water in the Houston Metroland area, you will arrive at a time in the year when you will have a burnt patch of grass, a bald patch of grass or both. This can be avoided with synthetic grass, also it will save you a TON on your water bill.  Saving money, maintaining presentation of your yard. Win. Win.   He even says the grass is porous so that pets can do their business in as well. I need to research that even more as I have 3 dogs. 
  • Dogs runs are great but you have to be sensitive to where your pet prefers to do their business. Some dogs don’t like pea gravel, but he did say that pea gravel is like kitty litter for dogs.  I get tired of my dogs destroying my grass, honestly. I love them but the next chance I get… the dog run is so going pea gravel. 
  • You have to create some shade with a pergola.  I have a hand built pergola and it’s is dying a thousand death with the sun baking it.  I cannot stain it fast enough. Having a ceiling fan is also a nice addition to a pergola as well.

Here’s a picture of one of his projects and I must say – to me – it looks like a backyard oasis. I want a back yard oasis.


This says Oasis! I am hearing the word… um… OASIS.

All in all the chat with Chris Lambton was a bit of “awesome sauce”. I am definitely a fan of Yard Crashers and I shall stay inspired.

Now let’s talk about the home and garden show itself.  Verdict: it was really awesome.  I appreciate the diversity of vendors.  There were some great marketing merchandise that they gave away. That’s always fun for my Future CEO.  She felt like a VIP collecting all the pens, magnets and pamphlets.  We got to chat with some vendors and discovered some cool new thing such as:

  • Tupperware has a whole new image. You can visit them at https://www.tupperware.com/. They have some really cool new designs.
  • Disney Cruises – it is where the magic happens on the water.  https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/
  • Apparently outdoor heaters are the new thing, to keep you going outdoors even when it’s chilly. If my back yard was actually nice, I’d be out there. I totally would.
  • Hot tubs are still a thing. I do have the space for one, but no … because I would always be out there in it. Being a mom is stressful. LOL!

There are a plethora of amazing and awesome vendors at the show. You can learn more about the show on their website: http://www.katyhomeandgardenshow.com/ .  When I tell you it was worth the drive, trust me… I drove from Spring and I felt as though it was gas well used.  I will definitely be back annually from now on.  Both me and the kiddo has a super awesome time.

Great vendors.  Awesome food truck. Lovely staff. It was awesome.

Now enjoy this picture of two very tall people who have children and love gardens. One is a blogger who cannot revive cacti and the other is a celebrity host of a yard show where they work miracles.



Last bit / Disclaimer:  I was afforded the opportunity to interview Chris Lambton and attend the 2017 Spring Katy Home & Garden show by working in conjunction with the Ford PR agency. I wasn’t remunerated in cold hard cash for my opinion, so all this joyful garden talk is really me… because I love the earth, I just cannot save it.  I did however get free tickets to the home and garden show and media access. And yes, I was chatting to Chris Lambton like he was my long lost cousin. The dude knows his stuff! Okay that’s me done. Thanks for reading.