Who are “WE” really? 

​This morning as I was surfing Facebook, I acame across a post by Brene Brown. 
It is listed here: https://m.facebook.com/brenebrown/photos/a.194293500585767.58946.188471851167932/1551445951537175/?type=3
I read the post and then several of the comments. Until I came to one comment that was so telling, it stopped me on my tracks. 
I did NOT write this comment. I shall not post this person’s name, as I do not know this person, but these are their words. 

***Begin Comment***

Except, sadly, the “this is not who we are” argument doesn’t hold up.

He’s in. He’s president. American voters elected him.

American voters also elected representatives who march under the same party banner, and are going to support what he does (at least, until he goes after one of their sacred cows).

Many have elected state and local officials who are of the same brand, if not the same product line.

I understand the sentiment, but…

If that were really “not who we are”:

• somebody else would be president right now

• women would have full equal rights

• people of color would have full equal rights

• LGBTQI people would have full equal rights

• people who are not evangelical Xtians would have full equal rights

• people with mental illness would have the help they need, without being stigmatised

• people without places to live have the help they need, without being stigmatised

• our veterans would have the help they need when they need it

• Flint would have clean water

• and too many other things to mention

Yes, America is an ideal, and perfection is impossible. But denial has to stop somewhere. Right now, that is exactly who we are—until we change it.

***End Comment***
This is a call for America to take a hard look in the mirror and face the very cruel and demonizing truth of our history. As a Black American woman, I have been waiting since I was 7yrs old. That is the age I realize how racism was a foot on the neck is my humanity. For 36yrs I have been waiting for America to be more than just tragically and violently invested in supremacy and institutionalize racism. 
It is time we changed this great nation and become the great nation is diverse people we were meant to be.