Toyota Prius Two Eco [product review – day 6 – ugh my last day!!!!!]

Disclaimer:  Please note that from 12/1/2016 through 12/8/2016 I have been given the wonderful opportunity to test drive a Toyota Prius Two Eco.  I am not receiving monetary remuneration for this opportunity, however I am getting full-on access to evaluate the vehicle in its entirety. 


{In my Canterbury Tales voice}  OH LAMENTABLE DAY! Does a quagmire ensue because this is my last day in the Prius? Why yes it does! Yes. It. Does.

There was a bit of solemn note to my “morning commute fuss” this morning.  There was no bass when I yelled “get your shoes on”.  I mildly put the dogs in their cage. I sipped coffee quietly and fast. Today, was my last day in the Prius. [internal cry softly as my commuter soul weeps in hiding…]

So you are pondering:  But did you die? Ans: Inside, yes.  My inner commuter me says yes, we are dead.  

The morning commute was stop and go, but these brakes are so responsive it didn’t even bother me.  The one thing I have harp’ed on about the Prius Two Eco is RESPONSE TIME.  It is very responsive. When you need to accelerate, brake, turn, switch lane… it handles smoothly and there isn’t this need to jerk the car to where you need it to be. I appreciate that because driving defensively, sometimes I need to get out of a potentially perilous situation quickly.

My Future CEO:  You are sad aren’t you.

Me: Yes.

My Future CEO: It’s because this is our last day in the Prius, right?

Me: Double Yes.

My Future CEO:  Your face is easy to read. Cheer up at least we had the opportunity.

Me: [clearly pouting] Triple Yes.

The afternoon commute was a breeze and I needed to run errands after we got home, so I was excited I got to take the car out one last time.  This time we took the scenic route to Jersey Village and it handled those potholes on Tidwell like a dream.  LOL! Great suspension and the night time lighting is easy on the eyes.

The official review of the Prius is as followed:

  • If you are a single working Mother who wants to save money on fuel consumption while driving your kid all over the 3 adjourning counties for extracurricular activities – THIS CAR IS FOR YOU.
  • If you like being able to save money and look stylish on the road, yep you guessed it… this is the car you want to purchase.
  • Are you someone who takes business meetings on the road and want a crystal clear bluetooth connection to take phone calls and listen to messages, you might want to buy a Prius Two Eco!
  • The car handles well in the wet, in the cold and night time.
  • Very responsive.
  • Great on fuel.
  • Roomy for a family of four (that are not all professional NBA or WNBA players).
  • Great sound system.
  • Informative dash stats whilst driving.
  • Amazing self-charging hybrid technology.
  • Blue Metallic just looks cool. Be cool.

Day 6 of this product was by far the smoothest and the saddest.  I miss the car. I MISS THE CAR. IT IS LIKE LOSING A NEW FRIEND THAT IS AN EXCHANGE STUDENT AND NOW HAS TO GO BACK TO CROATIA TO LIVE THEIR LIFE. LOL!

The road warrior (that’s me) gave this car a thorough review and it exceeded my expectations TENFOLD.

Thank you Toyota USA for the amazing experience! Toyota ROCKS!