Toyota Prius Two Eco [product review – day 5]

Disclaimer:  Please note that from 12/1/2016 through 12/8/2016 I have been given the wonderful opportunity to test drive a Toyota Prius Two Eco.  I am not receiving monetary remuneration for this opportunity, however I am getting full-on access to evaluate the vehicle in its entirety. 



In my Dougie Fresh voice … “Let’s Begin!”

Today was a real COMMUTE day. What makes it real, you ask? Means I have to wake up my Future CEO at 0545hrs. She will pretend to wake up. I will go to the kitchen and tell one of the dogs to get off the sofa I let them ruin. Then my Mom-spider-sense will tingle and I will go back to her room. Web of lies and host of Nebuchadnezzar… She hopped her butt right back in bed. Now I am counting her down like I am about to send a nuke to Uzebekistan. “Get up!!!!!!!!!”

After I get her going, I will then wash and squeeze into the life altering invention known as “spanx”. Make her breaky, put dogs up, call on Jesus about 18 times and then…. Head out the door.

As soon as I set the alarm and we bail into the garage… there it was, that pretty blue dream  machine called a Prius Two Eco.  Man, I was smiling ear to ear because it made my day to jump in and drive my cares away…or so I thought.

Looked down at my watch… Oh hell it is 0650hrs, you cannot have another tardy. Panic!!! Mayhem!!!! I think I burst a seam on my spanx!!! Get in the damn car we have to roll out.

My kid rocks a huge rolling backpack. No problem. The back seat of this Prius is very accommodating. It is spacious back there. Now don’t get it twisted, 4 athletes over 6’2 cannot all fit in this car. That is not going to happen. However 2 athlethes who are 6’2 can go out with their kinda tall homie that is 5’9 and he can bring his boy from his old neighborhood that is 5’7. That could totally happen.

Okay enough about these tall, fine athletes… I digress. Wait , what do you mean I didn’t say anything about them being fine? Ummm, that should have been inferred. Bwwwwwwah. #IAmAReprobateInSpanx

So I place the huge backpack in the back with my Future CEO, we have breakfast on the go, morning playlist blarring and then Houston Traffic decided it was “GO” time.

Have you ever played Frogger?  If you are a GenX-er like me… You know this game like the back of your hand. And I am glad I did because That Prius was putting in some serious stop and go work.

The brakes on the Prius Two Eco are awesome. Stops on a dime. And you need that type of performance in Houston traffic. Seriously, driving this car with my kid in it made me very nervous on day 1 because we were so low to the ground and Texas is full of big trucks with inept drivers. However after doing the school commute in the Prius, I actually felt it was a safer ride than being in a huge SUV. I know Toyota puts serious work into their chassises. I have had two Toyota Tundra(s) and a Toyota Matrix. My Matrix was totaled in a car accident I had 3yrs ago and we walked away without a scratch. So I know the body of this vehicle is insanely strong. What I was surprised with is the smoothness of its response time to the “stop and go and brake and side eye other driver who cut you off” traffic. Great brakes, very powerful but smooth acceleration, the handling was perfect because I had to change lanes a bazillion times. 

That was just the commute to the school!!! On the way back home from Girls Scouts, in the wet and slick roads with it being dark… The car was pretty powerful. Great lighting for the road and in the car. Dash lights were ambient so I could focus on my night time driving. Handles the slick roads like a dream. Also I noticed for a smaller car, it was not rocked by these small gail winds that came out of nowhere. It even performs aerodynamically. Brilliant. Because there is nothing more disconcerting than being annoyed by the long drive home and then have a gust of wind completely scare the **** out of you!!

Day 5 of this product review was the “real deal Holyfield”.   Today was the FULL ON COMMUTE complete with expletives, quick prayers to Jesus and me wondering why I didn’t apply myself more in school. Stay with me and my blog over the course of my “Tour de Prius Two Eco”, there is more commentary to come!

and yes… I should have pursued my MBA straight out of undergrad, but I was too tired. To all of you amazing geniuses going to the workforce… Get your MBA or your MS. Says the lady who should do the same. Lmao.