Toyota Prius Two Eco [product review – day 3 & 4 ]

Disclaimer:  Please note that from 12/1/2016 through 12/8/2016 I have been given the wonderful opportunity to test drive a Toyota Prius Two Eco.  I am not receiving monetary remuneration for this opportunity, however I am getting full-on access to evaluate the vehicle in its entirety. 



I had to combine Day 3 and Day 4.  Mainly because I’m kinda boring.  Like besides being a very comical older Mother, I don’t really do a whole lot.  I need events to motivate me.  For goodness sake, I’m a wanna be writer …. I am actually one of those human being who could watch paint dry and write about it. You’re laughing and a little piece of me is oh so serious. … but I’m laughing at myself too. Ah humanity!

Okay, I digress…

Day 3 – I had to work on a Sunday and go to the grocery store.  Yes, Oprah is so not jealous of me right now. 

I dread going to work on Sunday(s) and I only do it when my Future CEO is with her father. The weekends that the kiddo is not with me, I try and be productive. I used the word “try” that’s key.  Leaving my 3 furry babies and a comfy house to go to a very grey and cold cubicle is not my idea of living out loud, but it had to be done.

Now imagine my surprise when I locked the house, bailed into the garage and then when I looked at the Prius Two Eco, I involuntarily started smiling.  IT BRINGS ME JOY TO DRIVE THIS CAR. I never ever thought I would ever say that given my horrific daily commute. I was filled with glee to get in the car and drive to work…. on a Sunday … not looking cute…. but just as cheerful as ever at the thought of rolling the Prius to work. Ah-mazing!

I know I sound like  a broken record, but I’m trying to impress upon you the fact that this is a smooth ride! Even in the very dreary, very London Town – it has been raining forever – rain, the car handles like a dream.

So I’m skuttle-bugging down the feeder roads to work and can I tell you how lovely the eco-heat was working for me. Ooooooooh it was like being in an ambient meditation chamber. I wasn’t too hot. I wasn’t too cold.  There wasn’t a crap load of air blowing directly in my face.  The air was circulating quietly. I could have sat in the car and wrote poetry like I was channelling my inner Gwendolyn Brooks!!! (if you don’t have an inner Gwendolyn Brooks, get one, TODAY!)

Fast forward too many hours and now I leave work to go to the grocery store because I was going to pig out Efabulous style tonight! No kid, no supervision, just me, the dogs and Hulu!!!!! Oh yeah, I’m making that mandatory run to H-E-B (stands for Here Everything is Better… and as grocery stores go, it truly is an accurate moniker! Best damn grocery store in Houston.)

I was a bit nervous about the grocery run.  You know Sunday nights after 5pm, it’s just really angry moms, Dads who finished the game and single people who are planning to Netflix and chill. These are the people who are now shopping in the store. They missed the afternoon rush and now they are in here buying their weekly shop, but they are not filled with glee – like me. So I didn’t want to park just anywhere with the Prius. And dare I say I wanted to kind of flash it to the shoppping cart staff and give them something to look at but I wanted to put it in a safe space where that angry mom who didn’t get the deal on Christmas ham would side swipe it.  We all know that woman and she lives! She lives among us. Lol!

I opened up the trunk and used “non scientific” methods to measure the space.   I looked in the trunk and thought, I can get 2 huge bags of dog food, 17 plastic bags, a 6 pack of wine, a case of Bud-light and a huge flower pot for the front yard that I really don’t need but will look cute in the spring … in the back of this vehicle.  THAT’S HOW BIG THE TRUNK MEASURES. It’s huge.  I really had to suppress my inner #TrunkHoarder because I started to twinge and the voices in my head told me I needed garden supplies from Home Depot too! Looking at all that space was putting me, my wallet and my budget in the danger zone. If you are a bulk shopper… like at Costco or Sam’s, this trunk will NOT let you down.

Like a good mommy who wanted to catch up on episodes of “The Daily Show” and kinda salivate over Trevor Noah, I grabbed a few goodies and some prosecco and called it day.  The trunk swallowed my few groceries and I was back home for the night.

Boring right. Told ya! On to day 4, already.

Day 4 – Quick commute to work but the traffic was a nightmare when I had to do the afternoon school run! 

Look, I woke up on Day 4 and thought, the novelty has gotta wear off eventually. I got dressed, had some good coffee, fed the dogs before going to the gig. No big deal. Spanx seemed a bit loose, I must’ve lost some weight – so I’m smiling and feeling good about myself. I lock the house, bail into the garage… and there I go again smiling at this hybrid vehicle. Now I’m thinking, Erica you are really strange or lonely or your inner Forest Gump is just beguiled by this fancy car!  I’m actually looking forward to the drive to work – AGAIN.  Get out of town, Jackie Brown.

I did stop to think… “Did I take my meds?” Ans. Yes.

Well, okay then the novelty has not worn off, I’m truly enjoying my time in this vehicle far more than I anticipated. Thus I drive to the office very happy, Sebastian Kole’s Remember Home is blaring. I’m feeling loved up and loving life. Eco-heat is keeping me happy. Life is good.

>> Hours go by at work. Nothing sexy ever happens in the world of accountants. <<<

Now, it is time. It is time for the afternoon school run. I look at Google Now’s traffic report and the city is lit up in red lines. OOOOOOOOOOOH THE BELLY OF THE HOUSTON TRAFFIC BEAST HAS OPENED UP.  It is at this time we were going to see how this Prius performs with the “stop and go” matrix that is Houston afternoon rush-hour traffic.

We are already backed up at the Beltway and the Prius is performing nicely. I’ve been in this vehicle 4 days and I’ve barely used a 1/2 tank of gas. AMAZE BALLS!!!! Now usually stop and go traffic annoys the living hell out of me.  I’m sitting there evaluating my life choices on why I didn’t marry rich. Why didn’t I stay in school and get my MBA?  Why didn’t I stay in Birmingham, England and make the best of my faux-British life? So many questions, so much traffic.

I suddenly notice the car is charging itself!  Wait a damn minute? Are you telling me that sitting in traffic is actually charging the vehicle?  There is an upside to being stuck in Houston traffic? GET OUT OF TOWN, JACKIE BROWN!

Me being me…. I went straight to google and this is what I found:

The Prius is never plugged in to recharge the battery. Battery charge is maintained by normal driving. The Prius is a “charge sustaining” hybrid vehicle. This means that it manages the battery charge itself and keeps it topped up using power from the gasoline engine and/or power recovered during coasting and braking.

I suddenly fell in love with Toyota all over again.  So now I’m powering through the afternoon commute with a smile on my face and a little bit more intellectual savvy about the benefits of this hybrid vehicle. All is right with the world. I pick up my Future CEO from school and we head home.  The ride up the HOV is so smooth, she takes a power nap.  Life is good.


Day 3 and 4 of this product review has been a joy and full of revelation. I am giving this car the full, working mom, road warrior test drive. Stay with me and my blog over the course of my “Tour de Prius Two Eco”; I am now thinking I’m going to have a clever ephiphany that will improve my humanity during my crazy commute.

and yes… I wear Spanx! I’m 43yrs old and have given the world my Future CEO, don’t judge me or my protruding middle. LOL!

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    • efabuloushb says:

      It is an amazing piece of technology. I was completely enamoured with the process. After talking to the Toyota Communications Manager, I have a new respect for their engineering team.


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