Toyota Prius Two Eco [product review – day 2]

Disclaimer:  Please note that from 12/1/2016 through 12/8/2016 I have been given the wonderful opportunity to test drive a Toyota Prius Two Eco.  I am not receiving monetary remuneration for this opportunity, however I am getting full-on access to evaluate the vehicle in its entirety. 

SWAC Championship 2016 - sponsored by #ToyotaUSA

Yes, this #MommyFab is feeling like a #BOSSMOM!  Day 2 of rolling in the Prius Two Eco,  I was a totally happy bunny. Why? Toyota provided me with the opportunity to attend the 2016 SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference) Championship football game.  Grambling versus Alcorn State.  Two very prominient and amazing HBCU(s).  <<< That stands for Historically Black Colleges & Universities, if you didn’t know.

Being a true native Chicagoan (aka SouthSider) and having attended a PWI (predominantly white institute) these opportunities to participate in HBCU traditions are few and far between.  I was very humbled and appreciative of the opportunity to attend the game.

SWAC 2016 and I had my test car “swagger” all the way on.  The Prius that I am reviewing is metallic blue. It’s very pretty and alluring to the eye.  I’m totally not going to lie, I felt cool. Like I just hit $450 on a scratch-off and I used that as a deposit for a vacation in Cancun – cool! Inside I felt myself pulling up to the NRG Stadium with my inner voice saying “You see me! You see this cold metallic blue crush car with these pretty girls in it. Don’t look away we are fabulous!” Bwwwwwwah. My inner voice is my over confident 28yr old self. Dare I say, that’s where most of my comical thoughts originate.

BUT I DIGRESS!!!  Anyhoo… who felt “Kool & the Gang” pulling up to the NRG? Ans. Me!!!!!!  Perhaps it is because in my normal day-to-day #HoustonTrafficRoadWarrior life, I drive a 2007 Saturn Vue with a lot of miles. I don’t want the “Mom-mobile” to stop working so I will not speak ill of the amazing 9yr old vehicle with severely less gas mileage than this amazing Prius, that gets me from point A, to point B, to point C and back to point A again. We shall not speak ill of the “Mom-mobile”. We will however say that the Prius is by far a more green, fuel friendly, budget friendly and all around cooler car. I drive all the time. I mean ALL. Not like a little. Not like a “smidge”. ALL. If I’m not sleep, not caring for my Future World Leader or at work…. I am behind the wheel of my car. So for me to have that love / hate relationship with automobiles in general and then actually enjoy test driving this Prius is utterly astounding to me. I’m almost gobsmacked at how much I enjoy driving this vehicle.

When I got dressed and ready to head out to the SWAC game with my high school alumni, I was actually giddy for her to ride in the car and I was excited about driving. Me. The #HoustonTrafficRoadWarrior …. giddy about driving?? Yes. Yes and um… yes, because the car drives that well.  I hope I’m driving this point home (pun totally intended, see what I did there! LOL!) >>> the car is an engineering work of art to me.

Oh but @EfabulousHB,  it wasn’t the best of weather in Houston for the SWAC Championship, how did it handle on the wet road?  

Glad you asked. You are so thoughtful, aren’t you?

Let’s give a great shout out to the thought that went into the tire selection on this vehicle. They held the road very well.  The roads were covered with that slick water that is a mixture of oil from the vehicles and light rain.  Driving on slick Houston roads is no easy feat.  The Prius handled fine in the slick and wet.  I was pretty intrigued at the shape of the windshield wipers though; i’m interested to know the “why” behind the design. The wipers worked well, kept the window clear.  Defrost worked very fast because I had the heat on – perhaps a little too high because I’m allergic to the cold weather. LMAO!!! Defrost, heat, wipers all function fine. Back window wasn’t messy either.  I could see clearly out the back at the traffic.

Day 2 of this product review held up my consistent observation that the car handles well and is a pleasure to drive. Stay with me and my blog over the course of my “Tour de Prius Two Eco”, there is more commentary to come!

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    • efabuloushb says:

      Ha! I love you Belle, you keep me smiling. It was cold and dreary. No pic by the car as of yet. I need to capture the moment perfectly. However, the car is really cute. Each day I fall in-love with Toyota a little bit more! Lbvvvvvs.


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