Toyota Prius Two Eco [product review – day 1]

Disclaimer:  Please note that from 12/1/2016 through 12/8/2016 I have been given the wonderful opportunity to test drive a Toyota Prius Two Eco.  I am not receiving monetary remuneration for this opportunity, however I am getting full-on access to evaluate the vehicle in its entirety. 

Hello!  Is this thing on? Mother of pearl… let me jump straight out the gate right now and tell you that I’m beguiled by the 58 mpg on this vehicle.  Read that again:  58 mpg.  I know you are thinking, wow she is obtuse starting her blog post like this and you would be right!  I live in the North Surburbs of Houston, Texas.  Houston is huuuuuuuuuuuuge. Not big. Not large. I said it was huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.  It is a sprawling city that keeps growing. People keep moving here and it keeps expanding.  My commute is crazy town. Mainly because my Future CEO [aka my kid] goes to a top school in the “city”.  So I have to drive to the city everyday and then work and then back to the city and then back to the North Suburbs.  I DRIVE A LOT.  So they picked the perfect person to review this vehicle.  I’m not a soccer mom doing the school run, hitting the spa and then picking up after school.  Nope. No. Nada.  I’m the #Mompreneur that is the shining example of a #HoustonRoadWarrior. I’m driving all over Houston on a daily basis and putting so many miles on my car that it weeps at night in the garage. So back to my original exaltation:  58 MPG IS THE SEXIEST THING I’VE SEEN ON A CAR THIS YEAR.  

I would stop waffling on about it, but I cannot.  Having that type of gas mileage in cities like Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles or even Atlanta is a great way to save money.  Gas is expensive and some working class Americans are in fuel poverty between trying to heat their home in the winter, using natural gas to cook and fueling their car to get to work. “Fuel poverty” is very, very real for a lot of Americans.  Hybrid cars like the #Prius Two Eco can help a working single mother, working single dad, middle class family with kids… this car can help lower their fuel budget significantly. You just need that initial cash outlay to purchase the car first. I shall cover that later, over the week I’m reviewing the vehicle. 

So you are wondering to yourself:  But how does it ride, though? Tell me about your riding experience. 

Thank you for asking, you are so kind! 

It handles great!  I was pleasantly surprised because I’m a defensive driver with a low tolerance for foolishness on the road.  I try and anticipate situations and get away from people who drive crazy. And people who are native to Houston  (and Texas in general) are not as good of drivers like us native born Chicagoans. They drive crazy. It’s insane.  I’m literally driving my kid to school like she is gold bullions to Fort Knox. (And yes, she is worth 1,000,000 times more than all the gold bullions to me!!!!)  Being able to avoid an accident, get away from a seemingly drunk driver and avoid angry drivers is a must in Houston.  The Prius handles quickly, smoothly and it’s a very smooth ride.  I also appreciate that when I need to accelerate, it goes quick. This car is fast out the gate on acceleration and you need that in the “stop and go and hurry up and go and now stop and stay stuck” traffic patterns in Houston.  

Let me be honest, I AM COMPLETELY BESOTTED AND FASCINATED WITH HYBRID TECHNOLOGY NOW THAT I HAVE DRIVEN THIS CAR. No lie. I’m reading articles on it because the car is a piece of engineering genius. If you have been driving as long as I have… (I learned when I was 15, started driving some at age 16 and I’m now 40+… – do the math!) watching the technology develop has been pretty significant to Gen X’ers. Yes, I’m a Gen X’er, if you haven’t figured that out. LMAO! To sum it up perfectly and without pretense or big words: HYBRID TECHNOLOGY IS BAD-ASS!

Unofficial review from my Future CEO:  “Mommy, this is like Dad’s work car but it’s flashier and I can see everything out of the trunk.” Ha!  The model that I’m reviewing has a real disco, flashy back window which doubles as the top of the trunk.  I couldn’t put my finger on it at first when I was driving. I kept thinking “I can see so much back there!” LOL!  I felt slightly discombulated because in my “Mom-mobile”, I sit pretty high up off the ground. The Prius is low to the ground and I am a buxom 5’9, size 14 with legs as long as the Mississippi River.  I’m a very large, sexy mammal and former dancer, so I decided to look cool I had to choreography my entrance and exit from the car. Bwwwwwwwah, yes older moms still want to look sexy getting in and out of a car.  [Queue the new ACTQ song called “Ego” and insert it here!!!!] Even sitting low to the ground, the ride is really smooth, you don’t feel every bump, so the suspension is “on point”. Now looking out that flashy trunk is pretty fly. This car makes me feel like I’m on the Jetsons. The only thing I found disconcerting is that people can see in your trunk if you are parked in the car garage.  I throw everything in the trunk because I’m too damn tired and a smidge lazy to take stuff in the house after a long day. You cannot to that with this vehicle. I looked straight down into the trunk and I was like, yep if I bought this car I would have to give up trunk hoarding forever. And that is probably a good thing. #DontBeATrunkHoarderLikeMe

Day 1 of this product review was really cool. I drove close to 100 miles, so I gave it a good run for it’s money. Stay with me and my blog over the course of my “Tour de Prius Two Eco”, there is more commentary to come! 

and yes… I’m this hilarous and I’m someone’s mom. LOL! Enjoy the close up pics!!!