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Is this when America was great? Great for who? Great for the #racist, amoral monsters hanging Black Americans from trees? Great for people being oppressed fiscally, socially, physically and having their civil rights violated? And we have never stopped being oppressed on an economic, legislative and criminal justice level. The racist idealism of Jim Crow America is in direct opposition to where #America needs to be a truly great nation. When you vote today, just know the large base of the Republican want to romantically re-live Jim Crow and relegate people of color to second class citizens by perpetuating educational, housing, medical and social #apartheid. … America was never great. When you hang another person from a tree… Only a monster would think that is great. #election2016 #FabWorld #jimcrow #civilrights #lynching #postcards (this photo is from the book #withoutsanctuary) via @EfabulousHB on Instagram http://ift.tt/2fkbjAb