{Blog Post via Instagram}

God and the Universe are good, all the time! Let me say that first! Tonight my child witness me go into sheer panic with tears streaming down my face. I LEFT MY WALLET AT THE GROCERY STORE. I was so overwhelmed with stress about mentally planning my upcoming weekend, I left my wallet right in the basket. I left my wallet in the basket, outside, in the parking lot. So when I realized what happened my heart sank. My whole life was in my wallet. And then real-ugly tears before the major panic attack. My Mini-Me said “don’t cry, let’s find a resolution”. That’s what I always say to her. “Mommy, call them before you panic!!” She repeated. So I called. It was there. And I owe this night of humility and thankfulness to the wonderful, superlative, kind and endearing staff at my neighborhood @HEB. I thank God there are good people in this world. I thank the Universe for good karma. … And now I realize all the things I’ve been worrying about are not very important in the big scheme of things. #FabWorld via @EfabulousHB on Instagram http://ift.tt/2eTfKoe