Fragile… Humans. 

​(I found this in an article… Yet it rings true.) 
The consistent attempt to find emotional regulation through hyper-stimulating and hyper-satiating substances and/or behaviors can for some people develop into a full blown compulsivity or addiction with clearly identifiable consequences. When this occurs, all sorts of problems may ensue—damaged relationships, trouble at work or in school, financial woes, declining physical health, anxiety, depression, shame, legal issues, and more. …. End of excerpt. 

Remember that we all maintain or struggle with emotional regulation. It is human nature to want to avoid pain rather than resolve it.  We live in a society where we focus more on hiding our problems and self medicating in a myriad of ways …. Rather than coping head on with the pain, the source and examining our humanity. 
Everyday, some one is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Let us all get to lead with kindness. All we can do is try.



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    • efabuloushb says:

      I would be happy to share. The excerpt is from Psychology Today and the title of the article is “Does Why You Look at Porn Matter?”. It was a really good article. It touched on a lot of the ways we mal-adapt to emotional dysfunction.


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