And it ebbs and it flows…

In the middle of this summer I felt my creative spirit draining away. There wasn’t just one catalyst. I was overwhelming myself with back to school, financial issues, fighting off the onset of a Sarcoidosis attack and not managing my stress. I was really in a “shhh storm” emotionally and mentally. 

It is as though my consciousness made an executive decision. Turn down your efforts on your blog and businesses. Focus on your health, your child and the fiscal well being of your home. 

And so I slowly warehoused my business ideas, blog ideas and extraneous goals in the storage facility of my mind. It was hard to admit, I needed a break. I needed to stop the circus and busy work of trying to make being a single working mom, working a full time job, trying to run 3 very small businesses and be some faux quirky Bohemian writer/ blogger work. … Cause I was so mentally overwhelmed none of the shhhh was working. My brain was not working properly.

Yet there was a silver lining to this ebb… I have wisdom and peace on my side. Wisdom and peace affords me the luxury of being calm enough to know I can “start again”. And just like that I had a huge amount of solace placed on my heart. I had managed all these things before; now I needed desperately to love myself enough to hit the pause button and then when I am ready… Slowly start again.

This is real life. Real life ebbs and then it flows. You have to love yourself enough to smile, laugh and dance in between – paying no mind to what you lose to stay sane until you flow again. 

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