21-day #FabGratitude Challenge… Sign up!!

​I started a gratitude challenge in 2014. It honestly changed my perspective on my life. I had just come through a gut wrenching divorce, 2 nervous breakdowns, a relationship from hell and trying to manage to keep a job and be a good mother on top of all of that. 
Honestly, shhhhhhh looked kinda dismal. 

And as I slowly started engaging very small steps to appreciate what I did have,  the weights on my shoulder seem to balance instead of emotionally and mentally wearing me down. 

I had gone through all that bullshhhh, but I was Blessed enough and bold enough to make it to the other side. My kid is an amazing kid. Bar none. I still added value at my job. I had a wonderful support network of friends all over the country who loved me. My history wasn’t a failed marriage but an amazing international adventure. 

Just tweaking my perspective on my own life made me realize that we (as individuals) need time in our lives where we can recharge our thoughts and give thanks for our gifts.

Small blessings are still Blessings none the less.

So… I am doing it again this year and I want you to do it with me. 21-days of #FabGratitude. Nothing intrusive but an all inclusive online space where you can ponder and explore what’s going good in your life. 

It’s FREE. Sign up today! 


And then share with a friend. Xoxoxo

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