We are uncomfortable and unsatisfied … Period. 

Being an educated Black American and being a Democrat is a perilous journey. For we know that economic and social strangulation is part of the “status quo” from both parties. Voting for us is always the “lesser of two evils”. Many have tried to examine policy and platforms, however with the daily PTSD of being Black in America… We are distracted.

And it’s hard to examine policies when people who look like you are being murdered by law enforcement and no one is held accountable. It is hard to examine a platform when the core infrastructure has been designed to keep you in a place of economic and academic inferiority. It is hard to examine policy, when you as a Black American parent working to take care of your children… You fear for your own life and the life of your child.

Our sons have been labelled “Super Predators” and our daughters treated with ill-repute and admonished by a nefarious and segregated educational system.

For those under-educated white Americans who ignorantly think Black Americans vote for the Democrat(s), blindly… Educate yourself, we don’t.

There is no one to protect us from the right wing, violent, animalistic lynch mob that is part of the Republican party… So we make strange bedfellows with some liberal racists who gentrifies areas like Brooklyn and then cries foul then their children have to go to school with a Black American child, as if Black and Hispanic children aren’t worthy of a good education. The liberal with the “Black friend” but thinks that his Black friend got into Stanford on “affirmative action” and not his own merit.

There is no one to protect us from the monsters and KKK / neo-Nazi dressed in a police uniforms… So we make strange bedfellows with the liberal racists who will give us economic leverage and resources but only if we sell out our community in allegiance to their platform.

There is no one to protect us from micro-aggression through zealous legislation. So we do our best to work through a system that deemed us 3/5th of a person through slavery and then followed that act up with Jim Crow and mass incarceration but consider us whole when we are paying more in taxes as poor working class than the rich.

There is no one to protect us from the bigotry and ignorance of an #AllLivesMatter rebuttal when we say #BlackLivesMatter…. We say stop killing us and the rest of the country echoes “but”…

There is no one to protect us from having our humanity and good deeds marginalized because a majority of the American population are so gotdamn uneducated, brainwashed and in denial about institutionalized racism… They only see the color of our skin.

So we Black Americans, we Black Democrats… We choose the lesser of two evils.

Doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge the evil we have to choose, it just means in order to survive we have to make appropriations to be uncomfortable and unsatisfied (constantly) in our own bed.