Pretty pictures make the world go ’round…

This past Sunday, I took a break from all the dysfunction of the election and the world.  This past Sunday, I took time to take some very pretty pictures with Zinn Photography, based in Houston, Texas.

I just so happen to be scrolling for the millionth time on Facebook and checked my Facebook Groups notifications. “Free Photo Day” [paraphrasing] the title had me hooked.  Free. Photos. A blogger’s dream, because it saves you money.  For me it was not only a true need to update my photo(s), it also gave me an opportunity to discover a local photographer and tap into a local talent.

Sicillia of Zinn Photography was very easy to engage.  She had a very authentic banter which made me at ease and gave me the ability to laugh at myself during the shoot.  I appreciated her good nature and candor. Our shoot was very authentic, simple and enjoyable.  I truly enjoyed myself.

If you are in the Houston, Texas area and you need to update your headshots or blog pics, do check out Zinn Photography. Make sure you go out and like their Facebook page here >>> .

[Photo credits directly to Zinn Photography. Additional filters provided using Snapseed and Pixlr.]