I need my brain cells for other “grandiose and amazing” things.

​Today, I experienced for myself the very nature of the “racial divide” in this country. Though it was a very small example, it was a very telling example. 

An intelligent person of color is the subject of skepticism. This results in POC working 10x times as hard to make those prejudiced people uncomfortable with their skin tone comfortable with their intellectual prowess. 

I just don’t have the energy, the time or the emotional fervency to engage in such an inequitable “pas de deux”. 

I’m done discussing America’s race problem and institutionalized racism in a public forum. I will leave it to the experts, the authors, the activists, the allies, the socially hinged and unhinged and the mouthy bigots. 
I need my brain cells for other “grandiose and amazing” things. 

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