Do NOT come for me…

Person A:  You are very political.

Me:  Not really, I pay very close attention to politics because other people have the power to legislate over my Black life. I have no political power except my right to vote and I will fight to the death to exercise that right. However, I am not, in the true definition of the word, Political!!!!

Person B:  When did you become so militant?

Me: If speaking about injustice is militant (which it should be the norm and not perceived as an act of war…) When have I not been militant? I have always been outspoken about injustice. My father raised me to use my voice, to calculate the risk and dangers ahead of being silent and to act accordingly. You just knew me when I was docile and preoccupied with personal problems. You never took the time to ask me how I felt as a Black American woman living in a racially hostile environment.  We bonded on a level of humanism needed to grow our friendship. But I have always been a strong Black woman…I don’t see how you missed that. (Scratches braids… How the hell did they miss that???)

Person C: Your child is bi-racial.

Me: Yes. My Black American Bi-racial child is my world. You can be Black and Bi-racial. You can be Asian and Bi-racial. You can be a Bi-racial Hispanic with African roots. There is a beautiful intersectionality that naturally exist if you are biracial. Am I supposed to not expose my child to the Truth (not media fabricated opinion) about the world? Am I supposed to be irresponsible and not speak out against injustice because my love in the past (from which she was created) knows no racial boundaries? When they see her nose … She won’t pass. When they see her mounds of Nubian curls…She won’t pass. When they look deep into her brown eyes and see the souls of my ancestors … She won’t pass. So I am setting the example, I am parenting in truth and I love my child so so that she can walk in her blackness, walk in her truth and enjoy both sides of her humanity without being ignorant to America’s pathological and destructive obsession with race and white supremacy.


I know I am silly, completely absurd or ditzy… The majority of the time. I play stupid in real life and on the internet…

But if you come for me with a social agenda that seems to marginalizes my Blackness or humanity in any way, I am going to unload a working thesis of my core philosophies on you. I don’t think in 140 characters and my ideas around parenting, Race in America and humanity are highly evolved.

Do NOT come for me.